ACE Member Spotlight

Macarius M. Donneyong, MPH, PhD

Associate Professor at The Ohio State University
Outcomes and Translational Sciences, College of Pharmacy
Health Services and Management Policy, College of Public Health
Translational Data Analytics Institute 

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Q: Please describe how you joined ACE. What attracted you to the college? 

A: I first attended the ACE annual meeting in 2010 and presented a poster as a PhD student. The constructive feedback that I received after presenting my first research abstract at ACE was the major catalyst for me to join ACE. I stayed as a member because of the professional networking opportunities that abound in ACE. As an epidemiologist, I had the natural urge to network with other epidemiologists to advance my professional career but most importantly, to help advance the field of epidemiology.

Q: What has been the best experience you have had as a Fellow/Member/Associate Member of the College? 

A: During my time as an Associate Member, I had the rare opportunity to serve in several leadership roles in the college. For example, I served on the Best Paper Workstream for the Annals of Epidemiology as member and later as the Lead. I also served as Chair of the Associate Members committee. Further, I worked and learned a lot with various individuals and committees to carry out activities for the betterment of the field of epidemiology. While I am proud of some of the success that were achieved during these roles, I am most grateful for the mentorship that I had received. enjoyed and continue to receive from you and almost everyone with whom I interacted with and served together with on the Board of this college.

Q: What keeps you engaged at ACE?

A: The camaraderie, collegiality, and the networking opportunities are among some of the major drivers of my continued commitment to ACE.

Q: What career advantages do you see coming from continued membership in the College?

A: Leadership. ACE has given me the opportunity to learn and develop the critical skills that I need at this stage of my career.

Q: What are your expectations of what ACE can do for you?

A: I think not of what ACE can do for me now but what I can do for ACE. Thus, I will continue to serve ACE to the best of my abilities.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about your ACE experience?

A: I have had a fulfilling experience as an ACE member for the past fourteen years.