The American College of Epidemiology is the professional organization dedicated to continued education and advocacy for epidemiologists in their efforts to promote public health. ACE serves the interests of its members through sponsorship of scientific meetings, publications, educational activities, recognition of outstanding contributions to the field, and advocacy for issues pertinent to the practice of epidemiology.

Apply for Admission

Applications for any category of membership are reviewed by the Admissions Committee, which makes its recommendations to the Board of Directors. A recommendation for admission is reached through a review of credentials. The areas considered by the Admissions Committee in determining qualifications for membership are training, education, experience, and contributions to the profession.

Membership Application

Group Application for Associate Members
ACE has introduced a new simplified approach for Program Leaders in Epidemiology to enroll trainees as Associate Members of the College. Click here for more information.

Apply for Promotion

Any Member who believes she/he qualifies for promotion to Fellow is encouraged to submit her/his current c.v., for review by the Admissions Committee. Reviewing the Guidance to Applicants may assist the Member in making a decision to apply for promotion.

An Associate Member who qualifies for promotion to Member (e.g., has completed the doctoral degree) should submit proof of completion of training in epidemiology.

Any Member or Fellow in good standing who reaches her/his 60th birthday and has retired from active professional work may request Emeritus status. 

All requests for promotion should be completed here. Members will need to log into their profile in order to request the promotion.

Membership Fees

Please see the listing below of associated membership fees.

  • Associate Member without journal $35.00
  • Associate Member with e-journal $112.00
  • Associate Member with print journal $125.00

  • Affiliate Member without journal $75.00
  • Affiliate Member with e-journal $150.00
  • Affiliate Member with print journal $165.00

  • Member with e-journal $185.00
  • Member with print journal $200.00

  • Fellow with e-journal $230.00
  • Fellow with print journal $245.00

  • Emeritus without journal $350.00
  • Emeritus with e-journal $112.00
  • Emeritus with print journal $125.00