Introduction to One Health Epidemiology:
Connecting the Health of People, Animals, Plants, and the Shared Environment

Welcome to a video series on the concept of a "One Health" Approach to Epidemiology, facilitated by the Career Mentoring Committee of the American College of Epidemiology.

In the videos, viewers will meet One Health experts from the United States and across the world who will describe their career paths and share examples of current work and projects they have worked on. 

Please Note: Each video in the series ends with a brief survey. We ask viewers to complete the survey so we can assess interest in the topic. Based on viewer feedback, we will plan a follow-up conversation with the presenters and/or invite other experts to provide a deeper dive into one or more topics. You can also access the brief survey by using the QR Code or Survey Link found after the last video.

Introduction of the Series by Dr. Sandra Sulsky, PhD, MPH
Chair - Mentoring Committee
The American College of Epidemiology
Running Time: 1:18

Meet Our Presenters: Learn About Pathways to Careers in One Health
Running Time: 12:22
Presentation by Dr. Colin Basler, DVM, MPH

One Health Office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
"An Overview of ONE Health Concept"
Running Time: 13:02

Presentation by Dr. Levan Liluashvili, MD, MPH,

Epidemiologist - Georgian National Center for Disease Control and Public Health
Dr. Tornike Khargaladze, VMD,
Veterinarian - National Food Agency of Country of Georgia
"Comprehensive One Health Case Study:
Investigating the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak in Country of Georgia"
Running Time: 6:29
Presentation by Major Thierry L. Fouapon, MD, MPH, MBA
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
"Navrongo Integrated Surveillance Project (NISP)"
Running Time: 15:38

Presentation by Dr. Lance Presser, PhD

Centre for Infectious Disease Control
Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
"Future One Health Study – Seroprevalance of High Threat Pathogens"
Running Time: 7:50
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