2018 Annual Meeting

Applying Epidemiology Across the Lifespan to Improve Health Care,
Inform Health Policy and Enhance Population Health




Workshop 2

Reproducible Research in R: Geoinformatics, Epidemiology, and Publicly Available Health and GIS Data (part I)

Location: University of Cincinnati, Medical Sciences Building (MSB), Room E-161

This symposium is supported by the Geospatial Research Accelerator for Precision Population Health (GRAPPH) at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC).

Chair: Cole Brokamp, PhD, Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine



This workshop is designed for R beginners who wish to conduct reproducible research using geoinformatics and epidemiology methods with publicly available health and geospatial data. Participants will gain a general understanding of the software tools available and learn how to explore and learn them further on their own. Additionally, participants will gain applied experience through a "hands on" session using R. Over the course of one day, we will cover:

1.Brief introduction/refresher to R and the tidyverse

2.Why to use R for reproducible research, including R Markdown and integrated data import, analysis, and reporting

3.Introduction to using R for geoinformatics and GIS, including data import/export, interactive mapping, and GIS feature extraction

4.How to access and use publicly available health, GIS, and remote sensing data in R

The course will culminate in an applied example in which attendees will analyze the relationship between a geospatial measure and health outcome of their choosing. The entire project, including data import, exposure assessment, exploratory data analysis, mapping, statistical analysis, and reporting, will be conducted within R. 

More Information Here: https://github.com/cole-brokamp/geoinformatics_and_population_health_in_R


Brief Biographies:


Cole Brokamp, PhD is an Assistant Professor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati working in geoinformatics, environmental health, statistical computing, and statistical inference for machine learning algorithms. His publications, talks, and software can be found at https://colebrokamp.com/.




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