Admission Tips

The following list of materials is encouraged for each applicant and Member seeking promotion:

  1. The completed application to the College either submitted electronically through the website or in hard copy is required.
  2. A cover letter from the applicant addressed to the current Chair of the Admissions Committee is encouraged.  The letter should briefly introduce the applicant/candidate and provide a self-appraisal of the qualifications for the desired level of membership corresponding to the current membership category definition. A brief description of areas potentially considered by the Admissions Committee will assist in its review and evaluation of eligibility, such as:
    1. Education and training in epidemiology;
    2. Professional research activities;
    3. Mentoring activities;
    4. Teaching activities;
    5. Contributions to the field of epidemiology, including activity in professional organizations, highlighting but not limited to ACE; an
    6. Demonstration of leadership in the field of epidemiology, including participation in governmental or other advisory bodies, delivery of invited talks or papers, and/or playing a key role in public health policy development.
  3. A curriculum vitae (CV) or other document supporting the self-assessment in each of the areas listed above, and accompanying the application form and cover letter, would be helpful, including the following details:
    1. Educational degrees obtained, including institution and year awarded;
    2. Other relevant educational experiences;
    3. Training experience relevant to epidemiologic and public health practice;
    4. Professional experience with emphasis on positions in epidemiologic or public health practice;
    5. List of publications and presentations, including those in peer-reviewed journals, books, or other media, reports, and abstracts; and
    6. List of other accomplishments (e.g., reports, workshops, lectures, participation in ACE activities and projects) that demonstrate the applicant’s participation and leadership in epidemiology in general, and in the College in particular.