Associate Members

About the Committee

The American College of Epidemiology’s Associate Membership is comprised of a heterogeneous group of individuals training to become epidemiologists including persons with a Master’s degree and field experience in epidemiology work, doctoral students, postdocs, and junior faculty members. All Associate Members in good standing are members of the Associate Member Committee. The Associate Member Committee is charged with leading the development, implementation, and progression of tasks and activities that promote the involvement of Associate Members within the College. This includes events at the annual meeting as well as ongoing activities throughout the year.

One ACE Fellow, appointed by the current ACE President, serves as Advisor to the Associate Member Committee. Two Associate Members are included as part of the ACE Board of Directors: the Outgoing Associate Director (Chair) and Incoming Associate Director (Vice-Chair). Liaisons are in place to communicate between the Associate Member Committee and other ACE standing committees as a way to develop and improve Associate Member involvement and opportunities within the College.

Committee Members

  • Deven Patel, Incoming Chair (2021)
  • Sazid Khan, Outgoing Chair (2021)


  1. Increase ACE Associate Membership and active participation of Associate Membership in the college
  2. Increase Associate Member attendance to the ACE Annual Meeting
  3. Facilitate travel scholarships to the ACE Annual Meeting through committee sponsored activities. 
  4. Maintain a listserv that connects Associate Members with newly available post-doctoral and junior faculty positions. 


Associate Member Committee Materials