Communications Committee

About the Committee

This committee is responsible for identifying, investigating, and implementing communications vehicles to meet evolving member needs and promoting a better understanding of the profession of epidemiology to other health professions and the public.

The Communications Committee consists of five Fellows or Members, and at least one of these is a member of the Board of Directors. Fellows and Members of the committee are appointed by the President for three-year terms. Representation on the committee includes individuals from academia, industry, and federal and state government to ensure the fullest representation of practicing epidemiologists. The committee also serves as a liaison between the Board of Directors and Members/Fellows to ensure a timely and mutual exchange of information on matters pertaining to the practice of epidemiology.

The purpose of the newsletter is to 1) disseminate ACE information of the workings of the college; 2) highlight professional achievements of members; 3) identify epidemiological and public health issues of note; and 4) provide a calendar of ACE events.

Committee Chair

  • Julie Smith-Gagen (2021-2024)


  1. Update and maintain the ACE website
  2. Assist ACE committees with updating content for their committee page 
  3. Assist with Newsletter creation (browse previous newslettershere)
  4. Maintain ACE Facebook pageTwitter page, and LinkedIN page
  5. Publish a quarterly ACE member highlight on the ACE website
  6. Collaborate with other organizations to publicize epidemiology events and news

New initiatives 

  1. Improve the ACE website with new functionality
  2. Update ACE recruitment materials and Annual Meeting A/V capabilities
  3. Develop a consultant database for organizations like MedPage Today
  4. Develop an archival process for documenting the history of ACE and epidemiology in general, through the Council on the History of Epidemiology lead by Drs. David Lilienfeld and Victor Schoenbach.

Newsletter production schedule

Year 2017

  • March (January; February)
  • June (April; May)
  • September (July; August)
  • December (October; November)

We are looking for pertinent material to include in the newsletter. Please send potential content (between 300 to 500 words) to [email protected]. Be sure to include contact information for the submitter and an indication for which edition of the newsletter the material is intended.

Communications Committee Materials

The email and website policy of American College of Epidemiology was adopted in September 2002, and most recently updated in April 2014. To view these policies, please click here.