Distinguished Service Awardees

The Distinguished Service Award may be given annually to an individual who has given extraordinary service to the College. The President makes this award after consultation with the Executive Committee. Normally, the award is presented at the Awards luncheon, at the annual meeting.

1998 G. Marie Swanson
1999 Sally W Vernon
2001 Elizabeth T.H. Fontham
2002 Rosanne B. McTyre
2002 Patricia Hartge
2003 Dale P. Sandler
2004 Victor Schoenbach
2006 Jess F. Kraus
2007 Martha S. Linet
2008 James J. Collins
2009 John F. Acquavella
2010 Nancy Kreiger
2012 Jonine Bernstein
2013 Peter Kralka
2014 Robert McKeown