American College of Epidemiology

1999 Annual Meeting
Epidemiology, Risk Assessment, and Public Policy

Hyatt Regency, Bethesda MD
October 2-4, 1999

( Download annual meeting preliminary program in PDF)

The development of sound policies for public health and regulation depends on both the range and quality of available scientific data and the way in which these data are interpreted and used. Regulatory decisions often require risk assessment. What is the role of epidemiologists and epidemiology in this process?

Through plenary sessions and pre-conference workshops, the 1999 meeting will focus on important issues in this controversial and growing area.

  • Advances in risk assessment methods
  • The appropriate use of epidemiologic data in risk assessment
  • Lessons for epidemiologists from radiation risk assessment
  • Issues in assessing environmental chemical risks
  • Translating genetic epidemiology into risk prediction
  • Making policy based on risk - politics and science
  • Acceptable levels of risk and risk communication
  • Genetic susceptibility - emerging challenges
  • Ethical implications for society and the profession

Through debate and roundtables, the meeting will also provide an opportunity to discuss how government policies and the interests of regulated industries and exposed communities may change the way we operate.

  • Guidelines and standards of practice
  • Access to data by epidemiologists, government, and industry
  • Setting the research agenda
  • Tensions between researchers, regulators, and the regulated
  • Epidemiology and the courts

Abstracts on any topic relevant to epidemiology will be considered for poster presentation.

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