Past Presidents

The following individuals have served as President of the American College of Epidemiology from 1982 to present. The President is an elected member of the Executive Committee and leads the Board of Directors of the College.
1982     Abraham M. Lilienfeld, MD, MPH Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
1983   Dwight T. Janerich, PhD New York Department of Health (Albany, NY)
1984   Philip S. Brachman, MD Center for Disease Control (Atlanta, GA)
1985   Lewis H. Kuller, MD, DrPH University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
1986   Michel A. Ibrahim, MD University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC)
1987   Manning Feinlieb, MD, DrPH National Center for Health Statistics (Hyattsville, MD)
1988   Paul D. Stolley, MD University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
1989   Alfred S. Evans, MD, MPH Yale University (New Haven, CT)
1990   Raymond S. Greenberg, MD, PhD Emory University (Atlanta, GA)
1991   Patricia A. Buffler, PhD, MPH University of California (Berkeley, CA)
1992   Alan R. Hinman, MD Centers for Disease Control (Atlanta, GA)
1993   G. Marie Swanson, PhD, MPH Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)
1994   Genevieve M. Matanoski, MD Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
1995   Phillip C. Nasca, PhD University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA)
1996   Michael B. Bracken, PhD, MPH Yale University (New Haven, CT)
1997   Sally W. Vernon, MA, PhD University of Texas (Houston, TX)
1998   Robert A. Hiatt, MD, PhD Kaiser Permanente (Oakland, CA)
1999   Dale P. Sandler, PhD NIEHS (Research Triangle Park, NC)
2000   Jonathan M. Samet, MD, MS Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
2001   Richard A. Kaslow, MD, MPH University of Alabama (Birmingham, AL)
2002   Carol J. Rowland Hogue, PhD, MPH Emory University (Atlanta, GA)
2003   Carlos A. Camargo, Jr., MD, DrPH Harvard University (Boston, MA)
2004   Martha Linet, MD National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, MD)
2005   Betsy Foxman, PhD University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
2006   John Acquavella, PhD Amgen, Inc., Monsanto, CA
2007   Nancy Kreiger, PhD Cancer Care Ontario (Toronto, Canada)
2008   Roberta Ness, PhD University of Texas
2009   Lorann Stallones, PhD Colorado State University
2010   Faith G. Davis, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago
2011   Robert McKeown PhD University of South Carolina
2012   Edward J. Trapido, ScD LSUHSC School of Public Health
2013   Ross C. Brownson, PhD Washington University (St. Louis, MO)
2014   Melissa Perry, ScD George Washington University
2015   Jonine Bernstein, MS, PhD Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
2016   Harold I. Feldman, MD, MSCE University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
2017 - 2018   Pauline Mendola, PhD, FACE Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (Bethesda, MD)
2018 - 2019   Russell S. Kirby, PhD, MS USF College of Public Health
2019 - 2020   Diana Bensyl, PhD, MA, CAPT, USPHS, FACE  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2020 - 2021   Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD  Marshfield Clinic Research Institute
2021 - 2022   Jan M. Eberth, PhD  Drexel University
2022 - 2023   Melissa L. Bondy, PhD  Stanford School of Medicine