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The College and its Ethics Committee have helped ensure that ethics and related topics have been on the annual conference program and at other events. Following is a list of sessions –plenary presentations, workshops, luncheons and breakfasts – since 2004. Presentation slides are provided when available. The list is incomplete. Please email [email protected] to provide additions and corrections.

2022, Hybrid, Scottsdale

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Panel 1: Joint ACE-AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) Panel - Computational Epidemiology: Ethics, Equity, and Policy.  Moderator: John Holmes


Holmes JH, On using novel methodologies for epidemiologic surveillance for health disparities: Inferential benefits and ethical perils

Dixon B, It Isn’t Easy Being Green: Reflections on Life as an Amphibious Epidemiologist

Foraker R, Data-driven: life at the intersection of epidemiology and informatics

Goodman KW, Ethics and Public Health Informatics in Calamitous Times

Panel 2: Joint ACE-International Epidemiological Association (IEA) Panel - Global matters of epidemiology and the ethical challenges of addressing the health of populations.  Moderators: Ed Peters (in-person) and Victoria Crabb (virtual)


Weed DL, Causality, Epidemiology, and Ethics

Pandey CM, Ethical challenges in the practice of Digital Epidemiology

Acquavella J, Departures from Scientific Objectivity: A Root Cause of Eroding Trust in Epidemiology?

2021, Virtual

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Concurrent Session: Current ethical and social issues in epidemiology. Moderator:  Pamela Garcia-Filion


Coughlin SS, An overview of current ethical developments in epidemiology and public health practice

Beskow LM, Ethical challenges in genetic epidemiology

Goodman KW, Ethics curricula in epidemiology

2020, Virtual

ACE Annual Meeting, September

No ethics-committee-sponsored event.

2019, Pasadena

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Panel: Epidemiology, Policy and Trust

Presenters: Al-Delaimy W, Forman M, Gaudino J, Goodman KW, Widome R.

Symposium: Creating Real-World Research Using Engagement Strategies: The Ethical Challenges

Moderator: Ed Peters


Coleman K, Overview of Stakeholder-Engaged Research Strategies and Engaging Stakeholders in Retrospective Observational Studies

Salerno J, An Ethical Perspective to Optimize Engagement Strategies in Health Research

Jones F, Structure of Community-Partnered Participatory Research

2017, New Orleans

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Concurrent Session: Untangling the Ethical Intersection of Epidemiology, Human Subjects Research and Public Health. Chairs: Hlaing WM, Salerno J; Moderator: Goodman KW


Peters E, Overview of Ethics and Epidemiology

Pinney S, Very High Biomarker Levels in Environmental Epidemiology Research: A void in guidance for investigators

Morain S, Interface of Epidemiology, Human Subjects Research, and Public Health Interventions

Plenary Session: Advancing Risk Stratification for Precision Prevention: Methodologic, Clinical, and Ethical Considerations for Rare Diseases

Presenters (including): Coughlin SS, The Relevance of Public Health Ethics to Rare Diseases

Breakfast Roundtable: Weed DL, Beyond Conflicts of Interest

2016, Miami

North American Congress of Epidemiology, June; ACE in conjunction with the Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER)

Plenary session: Ethics, Big Data and Computing in Epidemiology and Public Health.


Knoppers BM, The Policy Implications of Big Data and Computing in Genetics

Lee LM, The Fallacy of “Secondary Use” and Its Effects on Population Health

Goodman KW, Computational Epidemiology: Benefits, Risks and the Duty of Citizens to Contribute to Big Data

2015, Atlanta

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Plenary Session: Ethics, Ebola and Epidemiological Issues


Schwartz L, Lessons from the latest public health emergency

Angulo FJ, Responding to the Ebola Epidemic

Neslund VS, Ethics, Ebola and Epidemiological Issues

2014, Silver Springs

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Luncheon Workshop, Frontiers in Epidemiology: Evaluating the Impact of “Interests”
in Epidemiologic Research (Critchlow CW, Cottler LB, Weed DL)

2013, Louisville

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Workshop, Ethics, Epidemiology, and Public Policy Decisions – A Case Example of


Meinhardt PL, Hydrofracking in NYS: A Brief Review of the Critical Role of Epidemiology

Goldstein BD, The Interface Between Science and Public Policy: Whose Ethics is it?

Ortmann L, Reframing Risk Debates in Public Policy Decisions as Value Debates

Finkel ML, Weed DL, Goldstein BD, Ortmann L, The Decision to Allow Hydrofracking in Community X: Ethical Dilemmas and Your Role as an Epidemiologist

Barrett DH, Public Health Ethics Resources: The Role of the CDC

Weiser TM, Review of ACE Ethics Guidelines

Breakfast Roundtables:

McKeown R, Excellence in Practice: An Ethical Obligation

Weed DL, Conflicts of Interest

2012, Chicago

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Workshop, Ethics in Epidemiology: Exploring Contemporary Challenges

Presenters: Goodman KW, Peters ES, Weiser TM

Luncheon Roundtable, Ethical Conduct of Epidemiologic Studies (Weiser TM)

Plenary Panel, Ethics and Epidemiologic Decision-Making for Population Benefits
Presenters: Leonard RC, Enstrom JE, Morel Symons J, Gallagher LM

2011, Montreal

North American Congress of Epidemiology, May; ACE in conjunction with the Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER)


Goodman KW, Enough already with horror-show RCR education: Time to emphasize positive duties and values

2010, San Francisco

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Workshop: Meinhard P, Ethics, Epidemiology and Public Policy Decisions: A Case Example of Hydrofracking

Spotlight Session: Goodman KW, The Role of Epidemiology and Public Health in Translational Science

Luncheon Roundtable: Sloppy Research/Ethics

2008, Tucson

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Workshop: Research Ethics in Studying Genes and the Environment in Diabetes among Ethnic Minorities

Luncheon Roundtable: Ethics in Epidemiology: Focus on Research Integrity

2007, Fort Lauderdale

ACE Annual Meeting, September

Plenary Session: Ethics and Pandemiology: Balancing Rights, Managing Resources


Barrett DH, Public Health Ethics and Pandemic Influenza: Federal Planning Activities

Berkman BE, Pandemic Influenza: Ethics, Law, and the Public's Health

Goodman KW, Ethics and Pandemiology: Balancing Rights, Managing Resources

Hood R, Ethical Issues in Emergency Response: A State Perspective

2004, Boston

ACE Annual Meeting, September


Goodman K, Trust Me: New Challenges in Conflict, Advocacy, and Social Commitment